curl bag

Our classic for him or her. Our unisex design ensures that men are looking just as sharp as the ladies.

Unique 100% wool shag carpet on the flap. The strap is your choice of material: brown or black/white cowhide, suede, patent leather, or perforated leather.

For this model, choose your felt base color, shag carpet color for the flap, and leather for the strap. Width: 14.17 in
Height: 9.84 in
Depth: 3.54 in

340,- EUR



Kuschelige Taschenklappe, gesteppt. In orange oder grau. Tragegurt aus verschiedenen Materialien (braunes oder schwarz/weißes Kuhfell, Rindnappa-Glanzeffekt-Leder, hochwertiges gelochtes Leder.) Der absolute Hingucker: magnetischer Klappenverschluß entliehen aus der Taucherwelt.

Auch bei diesem Modell können Sie zwischen drei Basis-Filzen auswählen.
Breite: 36 cm
Höhe: 25 cm
Tiefe: 9 cm

340,- EUR


jet set bag

Our all rounder. You choose with or without the hand straps. Whether used for your notebook, as a shopping companion, or when traveling, the Jet Set is both convenient and sleek.

For this model, choose your felt base color and from Italian and French designer fabrics for the body.

Width: 14.96 in
Height: 10.63 in
Depth: 3.94 in

285,- EUR


the bubble wrap

The classic shopper.

The easy to clean, synthetic material makes this bag the best choice for shopping. This attention grabber partners high-tech design with practicality, whether rolled down or left open. Adjustable sizing allows you to add more or less and still do it with style.

For this model, choose your felt base color for the strap and choose bubble wrap color for the body. Width: 17.32 in
Height: 18.11 in
Depth: 5.91 in

340,- EUR


double clutch

The sophisticated lady 2.0

The size of a handbag, light, but with double the volume, cleverly disguised as a clutch. Easily stores your checkbook, keys, cellphone...and more. The innovative design allows you to pack in twice as much, but do it undercover.

For this model, choose your felt base color and from our French, high gloss synthetic, in either bronze, champagne, or black. Our silver model is made of tiny, glass beading. Width: 11.81 in
Height: 8.66 in
Depth: 2.36 in

165,- EUR


wild side

The wild yet civilized one.

Authentic cowhide or faux reptile prints that fool even the most discerning eye adorn the flap. At once, both rugged and refined. Two turn-key latches complete this eye-catcher.

For this model, choose your felt base color and select reptile color or cowhide.

Width: 14.7 in
Height: 11.02 in
Depth: 3.54 in

270,- EUR



Cowgirls and- boys aufgepasst. Echtes Kuhfell – jede Tasche somit ein Unikat. Der verstellbare Trageriemen ist aus hochwertigem Leder für englische Luxusautomobile gefertigt. Innenaufteilung: sinnvoll.

Auch bei diesem Modell können Sie zwischen drei Basis-Filzen auswählen. Das Cover bleibt Kuhfell. Breite: 25 cm
Höhe: 24 cm
Tiefe: 8 cm

220,- EUR


pad bag

Store your tablet in style.

Finally, a solution to the tablet-cover eyesore. Here ALL tablets are stylishly stowed-not just the ones with the bitten apple. Covered in our protective felt and fish leather. Come again? Yup, fish leather. The result is stinkin' stylish. Also available for your notebook.

For this model, choose your felt base color and salmon skin color for the flap.

Width: 10.63 in
Height: 8.46 in
Depth: 0.39 in

90,- EUR


jet pad bag

Pad bag next generation. Geglanztes Lachsleder (wahnsinn), Natur-Kuhfell oder gefärbtes Kuhfell. Klappe und Rückseite im gleichen Material - Vorderseite im bewährten Luxusautomobil-Leder. Auch dieses edle Stück als Notebook-Variante.
Breite: 27 cm
Höhe: 21,5 cm
Tiefe: 1 cm

140,- EUR


orient clutch

Pleated maharaja silk in bright trendy colors are banded by a patent leather strip and adorned with silver studs. This clutch is both flashy and functional-a party must have.

For this model, choose your felt base color and pick your color of silk. Width: 11.42 in
Height: 6.3 in
Depth: 1.18 in

145,- EUR


paradise clutch

Something special: Italian prints are light, airy, and a bit of paradise. The high gloss synthetic on the backside of the clutch can either lend an unexpected pop of color or an understated compliment. Each handbag print varies based on the cut of the material and becomes an original. No two bags are exactly alike.

For this model, choose your felt base color, print color for the front, and high gloss color for the back. Width: 11.22 in
Height: 7.87 in
Depth: 1.57 in

155,- EUR


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